About us

The Uncoupling Team is a group of professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.  We recognize that separation and divorce is not just about getting through some required paperwork but is about making choices and changes to help you thrive in this period of transition.  Between us, we are ready, willing and able to cover all of your divorce and separation needs.


You Should Talk to Will Hutcheson Family Law Lawyer if:

-You are considering or have just started a separation and want to understand what the law says, or discuss options and best practices, regarding custody and access for your children, child support, spousal support or division of property.

-You know what you want to have happen in your separation or divorce but need help getting there through discussion between lawyers or mediation or, failing that, arbitration or court.

-You have an agreement in principle with your ex but need to have a Separation Agreement drafted or reviewed.

-You want to make a new will so that your property will go to your children and not your ex if you die.

You Should Talk to Michael Hartt Investment Advisor if:

-You are going to be receiving or paying support or receiving or paying an equalization payment and want help with planning and managing your finances to ensure that you will have enough money for you and your children.

-You want to set up or change your life insurance or disability insurance coverage to ensure that you and your children are protected if something happens to you.

You Should Talk to Vicky Tal – Real Estate Agent if:

-You are figuring out whether your house needs to be sold or if one of you can buy out the other’s share and you want an opinion about the value of the house.

-You want to sell the matrimonial home at the highest possible price.

-You want to buy a new home.

You Should Talk to Tannis Waugh – Real Estate Lawyer if:

– You are buying or selling a house.

– You need to transfer title from joint names to sole names or change the form of title of your house.

You Should Talk to Sharon Stokes – Life Coach if:

-You’re struggling to know who you are outside of a relationship.

-You’re feeling jaded and frustrated.

-You’re feeling lost and lonely.

-You’re worried you can’t do certain things on your own.

-You’re looking for ways to embrace this new sense of freedom but it feels scary and you don’t know where to start.

-You need help rediscovering yourself after a divorce or separation.

You Should Talk to Susan Tavana – Mortgage Agent if:

-You want to get the best rate on a new or refinanced mortgage.

-You want someone on your side who will spend the time getting to know you to make sure your mortgage works with your particular needs.